ehkloa: Je mehr Radler, desto (deutlich) sicherer

manchmal ists einfach.
Diese wichtige Untersuchung zeigt.
Je höher der Radanteil, desto deutlich sicherer sind diese unterwegs.
Other figures compiled by the organisation show that in Denmark, top of the continental league for cycling, the average person rides over 10 times further than his British peer every year but runs only 20% of the risk of being killed.
The reasons for this inverse correlation are many, according to Peck, and include the likelihood of better cycling infrastructure in areas where more people ride, the fact that if car drivers also occasionally cycle they are likely to be more careful with bikes, and the statistical quirk that a higher proportion of riders in low-cycling areas tend to be young men with a higher than average threshold for risk.
„It’s a virtuous circle: people feel safe, they know a lot of people who also cycle and say, ‚it’s OK, get out there. It’s even a pleasant way to get around,'“ said Peck. „They’re much more likely to get on a bike if they know, say, a friend or neighbour who cycles.“

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